Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stampin' in the Woods Weekend

We had so much fun at Linda Bauwin's Stampin' in the Woods over the weekend. It's all a blur as it's a whirlwind of activity! Since we had an 8 hr drive, we were non-stop from Thursday through Sunday. I think I'm finally caught up on all the sleep that I missed! There were 36 of us that participated. Here's the group shot:

The scenery at Camp Judson was absolutely GORGEOUS!

Lori Helvick & Carrie Burr joined me and let me tell you, it was quite the adventure! We had so many laughs!

The water felt so good as it was very humid all weekend and there's no a/c in the rec area. We stamped anyway!

And to prove that we really did stamp, this is the only stamping picture I have. We were so busy! You really get your money's worth attending this retreat! :) 

Project pictures to follow. I have two card classes today and my house is in dire need of cleaning!

Happy Tuesday all! :)


  1. Yes, quite the adventure indeed Kim! So glad we made that trip together and have those fun memories.....Lori