Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Horse Barn

Good Morning!
I hope this morning finds you safe, sound and somewhere warm. 
It's pretty cold in Illinois today and suppose to get even colder tomorrow. That doesn't make for fun chore times. I feel so sorry for any person or animal who has to be out in the next couple of days. 
However, the horses are my dream-come-true, therefore, I tackle the elements. (I don't have to like it, right? I just have to do it!) 
Outside of chore times, I will be hanging out in my warm craft room and dreaming of warmer riding days to come by using my Let It Ride stamp set :) 
Looks like just a plain ol' horse standing in the wind at his gate, right? 

Boom! The gate's open! 
See ya later! I'm livin' like someone left the gate open! LOL

My Palomino, Sunny is that way. He can even unlock his stall door if I don't have the pin in it! 
Smart li'l bugger! If he can get out, watch out, 'cause he's runnin' like the wind -for a couple minutes anyway. He's more of a sprinter because he's not a Spring Chicken anymore, LOL! 
And here he is, the stinker himself: 

I'm just over the moon that Stampin' Up! released a horse set (finally!) ;) 
I love it!

I hope you love it too! 
If you don't have a demonstrator, I'd love to have you as a customer. Click on any of the links below to buy from my store. 
~Happy Stamping!~

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  1. OMG girl you kock it out of the park. So LOVE this card. and the video of your horse escaping too funny.

  2. Love this card! We too have a great escape artist, now after 4 bolts and a lock tie, we've cracked it,(well so far)! ;)

    1. Hehehe! I have lynch pins in my locks so he can't do that all the time. I just happened to be in the barn with the lynch pin out and caught him ;) I'm sure glad I had my phone on me!